Renovations 2018-19

Dear visitors!

The interior of our basilica is being renovated. The church remains open for public; nevertheless, there is a scaffold hiding one half of the church. The renovations will last until the end of 2019. During this time it is not possible to arrange masses for groups in the church.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rev. Bernard Slaboch, O.Praem., parish priest


You have entered the webpage of the Pilgrimage Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Hill. This site is located about 5 km north-east of Olomouc. This architectural gem soars above the landscape near the city of Olomouc and seems to show the right direction to all searching Him – who knows all our joys and sorrows.

Engraving after a drawing by Anthony M. Lubinski (1679), depicting the original pilgrimage chapel.

The history of this place dates back to the early 17th century. At that time, Europe was convulsed by the Thirty Years‘ War. Jan Andrýsek – this is the name that will be forever associated with the Holy Hill. Based on his promise, in 1629-1633 he built a small chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary in the woods east of Olomouc. Soon the place became a witness of prayers of people, who came there in faith surrendering their sufferings to God. Numerous answered prayers have been documented; however, the majority remains hidden. Over the years, the glory of this place rose and in the course of time people started to invoke and venerate the Virgin Mary at the Holy Hill as the Queen of Moravia.

Of course, the place was firmly linked with the fate of the country – and so, it witnessed the siege of Olomouc by the Swedes, its bloom at the turn of the 17th and 18th century; it was touched painfully by abolishment of the mother monastery Hradisko in the suburbs of Olomouc at the end of the 18th century. In 1785, this place became a parish administering and taking care of a number of villages: Samotišky, Droždín, Radíkov, Lošov and Posluchov. The eventful period of the 19th century brought back the Premonstratensians to the Holy Hill – but this time not those from Hradisko, but from Strahov monastery in Prague. The period of the two world wars in the 20th century has taken its toll – the church building was badly damaged in 1945. However, thanks to P. Julius Půda, a highly capable priest, the necessary repairs were completed in a few years.

Nevertheless, together with heaviest blows, the 20th century brought also joyous events: the papal decree of 11 April 1995 promoted the church to „basilica minor“ and, consequently, welcomed the Pope himself on 21 May of the same year.

At present, the Holy Hill is the popular destination for admirers of baroque art, as well as numerous pilgrims. It is also the heart of a parish, where the most precious secrets of faith occur. For its charm, many couples decide to say their final „yes“ just at this place. But above all, it is the base for all those people who seek God’s face in their lives, submit their prayers at the hand of Virgin Mary and eager to meet Him, who is the best Father.

Basic information

The basilica was built primarily as a place for spiritual contemplation, prayer and listening to God. The church must never lose this mission. Our ancestors, however, have decorated the building with many art jewels to please those who are open for beauty; and they attract lots of visitors till nowadays. As these two aspects are, in some way, in discrepancy, we tried to find a compromise. The church is open for public, however, the priority is given to divine service, both regular, and unscheduled (for instance, masses for pilgrims) events.


Groups of pilgrims may reserve time for their own worship or tour – at least one week in advance –by phone or e-mail. Furthermore, a printed booklet – church guide – can be bought in the sacristy or in the museum or in the parish office, for the price of 40 CZK/2 EUR.


Sacrament of Penance: Confessions are heard half an hour before each mass or after previous arrangement at any time (if there are more penitents on Sunday and more priests are available, confessions continue also after beginning of the mass).

Those interested in infant baptism shall agree on the date and way of preparation with one of the priests (after mass, by phone or email).

Couples wishing to get married on the Saint Hill shall agree on an appointment with the parish priest (+420 777 742 176), not later than six months before the planned wedding date.